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Irrespective of the products you buy, the benefits will only be realised if it is correctly installed. Video conferencing installations require many aspects to be considered relating to user experience, protecting warranties and operational effectiveness.

Our installation team is one of the best in South Africa and our reputation as a leading systems integration company has been built on their skills. We have a certified Polycom engineer on board to do warranty, installation and project specification sign offs. Protect your investment and contact us for a quote to install your equipment.

Fault Diagnosis

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If you are having operational difficulties and your standard problem solving approach has not fixed the problem, give us a call to schedule a technical call out. Our technician will visit to do an assessment. He will either fix the problem on site, or advise on the best approach to get you up and running as soon as possible if the issue is more serious.

With a professional fault diagnosis you will have peace of mind that the problem will be remedied. Don't risk damage to your expensive equipment by unqualified staff trying to fix technical issues.

Service Level Agreements

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A Service Level Agreement (SLA) is a contract between us, as the service provider, and you - the client. Each client has different performance requirements for their business.

To help you manage these expectations we offer service level agreements that are customised to your needs. Whether it is a next day swop out of faulty equipment or a technical call out package with discounted rates - we will draft an effective SLA for your company.


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Video conferencing solutions are high value capital investments and need to be managed accordingly. If you need a professional assessment of your current system or are considering an upgrade, please contact us for professional advice or a quote for a solution that will meet your business objectives.

We highly recommend that you ensure all the relevant aspects of purchasing a video conference system are covered before making a decision as a poorly matched system to room specification may result in an uncomfortable user experience.